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"Content" is a page editing module for PostNuke. With it you can insert and edit various content items, such as HTML texts, YouTube videos, Google maps and much more.

Each page has a specific layout - single column, two columns, with and without headers and footers (and you can easily add your own).

Feature list:

  • Unlimited number of pages.
  • Multiple page layouts.
  • Manage pages in a hierarchical structure (pages in pages).
  • Automatic menus generated from page structure and displayed in PostNuke block.
  • Automatic sitemap generation.
  • Built-in support for YouTube videos, Google maps, Flickr photos, RSS feeds, Computer Code, HTML text.
  • External support for images and albums from Mediashare (you need the newest version of Mediashare for this).
  • PostNuke Search API compliant.

Content aims to be an extensible module - with some PHP skills you can easily add new plugins to handle new types of content items. Look into the file "developer.txt" to get more information.

Requires Zikula 1.0.0 and preferrably Scribite! (HTML text editor) as well as version 3.2.0 of Mediashare.

Template courtesy of Designs By Darren.