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CoType is not being actively developed. It’s a quite nice module - but it has been superseeded by Content.

CoType is a document editing module. With CoType you can create multiple documents with nested sections in it - just as if you created a DocBook XML file, a LaTeX document or a well structured Word document.

A document consists of nested sections, so you always end up with a structure like this:


  +- Section 1

  |    +- Section 1.1

  |    |    + Section 1.1.1

  |    +- Section 1.2

  +- Section 2

You can also add "boxes" to your sections. These boxes contains images

(references to multimedia files from Mediashare), program examples or simply

some text. Boxes can be positioned in various places of their containing

sections - top left, top right, above and bottom.

CoType is designed to cover the grounds between a Wiki and a single document.

Wiki elements:

  • With CoType you can collaborate on document creation since every person can edit their own sections (can also be open to anonymous users).
  • With CoType you can easily link different sections (there is a toolbar button for this in the editor).
  • CoType has a complete revision history for each section and you can see who edited what, when and from where.
  • Everything is instantly online.

Single document elements

  • All sections in a CoType document can be printed, exported or downloaded as one single document for off-line use (not feature complete yet).
  • You get a nice structured table of content.
  • You can read the text linearly from section one and forward.


  • Create unlimited number of documents
  • Add unlimited number of sections to documents
  • Add floating figures with images and text
  • Organization sections hierarchically by drag-and-drop
  • Automatic table of contents
  • HTML WYSIWYG editing using FCKEditor
  • Insert cross references
  • Support for PostNuke search API
  • Complete revision history
  • Only one person at a time are allowed to edit the same section. No more overwriting of other peoples work.

Template courtesy of Designs By Darren.