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Please note that Pagesetter is discontinued! I do not work more on Pagesetter. It works and works pretty good. The current SVN version should also work with Zikula 1.x.

Pagesetter is a page creation module that allows Zikula administrators to create their own publication types containing any set of relevant data fields. The long term goal is ultimately to be able to implement all of the simple database dependent ideas that normally require separate Zikula modules.

Pagesetter can for instance be used for recipes, news items, task lists, product descriptions, and so on. Any data that can be described by a fixed set of data fields with separate types can be stored in Pagesetter.

The most prominent features are:

  • Unlimited number of different publication types, each of which with an unlimited number of fields.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor with point-and-click linking to Photoshare images and other Pagesetter publications.
  • File attachments, Pagesetter can even be used as a complete up/download system.
  • Flexible workflow system.
  • Nested categories and other classifications can be created and used for input fields.
  • Input validation of fields for reals, integers, booleans, dates, and times.
  • pnRender templating and caching . Pagesetter even allows you to define your own input types with it's plugin system.
  • PostNuke blocks with a list of the available publications, category based menus, and single publication blocks.
  • "Print this" feature.
  • Enabling and disabling of publications by an "online" flag as well as start and expire dates.
  • Use as start page like the News module.

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